Network Cabling


Today’s data networks are becoming more and more mission critical because of higher transfer rates, bandwidth requirements and multiple systems support. 10 years ago data networks were used primarily for computers but today we use that same network for cameras, access control, paging and a lot more bandwidth hungry systems. All eggs are going in one basket so to speak. That’s why it is so very important to design and install a data network with the highest level of expertise.

Genesis Telecommunications has a RCDD on staff and are members of BICSI. We use the latest and most advanced testers to test and certify all our installations. Our staff is professionally trained in fiber and copper networks. Standards are continually evolving and changing so it is important to stay connected to professional organizations like BICSI. Putting your company  in the hands of amateurs or the untrained is reckless and very risky.

Our network installations have ranged in size from two computers to thousands.